Bible Dull and Tedious? This is Going to Hurt.

How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! – Psalm 139:17

I fear that it is a secret thought in the mind of numbers, though few venture to give it utterance ; ” I find this study dull and tedious.” — Without noticing the pre-sumption of this objection, I answer the fault is not in the Bible, but in yourself : your corruption makes it dull ; you neither read it in a right spirit, nor as if it concerned you. This is evident, because those who read it with prayer, and in faith, and knowing that they have an all-important concern in its contents, find it inexpressibly interesting. Every sentence of Scripture has its proper value. How precious, says David, are thy thoughts to me ! Psalm cxxxix. 17. Is it dull to be taught by an infallible guide the most important lessons of wisdom ? Is it tedious to learn what will make you happy in this life, and for ever ! If some parts of the Bible are uninteresting to you at present, it is because you have not yet seen their connection with other parts. All are needed for the great purposes for which it was written. Therein is contained the proclamation of mercy to sinners like you. Would a condemned criminal think the message of his pardon dull? Nay, when you really see these things aright, all other books in comparison to this will be insipid and trifling. Make not this objection, lest you shew at once in what a wretched state your own mind is.

-Edward Bickersteth, Scripture Help