Collected Sentences Series: Matthew Henry

Matthew Henry is my favorite commentator. He is my companion and teacher when it comes my daily time in God’s Word. Below you’ll find select sentences from my time studying with Matthew Henry. As such I will always be adding to this post during my studies. I have arranged the selections under proper heads, and subjoined Scriptures where they came to mind or where not already provided by Henry.



Delays of promised mercies, though they exercise our patience, do not weaken God’s promise.

God’s time for the performance of his promises is when it labours under the greatest improbabilities.


We ought not to upbraid people with the scandals of their ancestors; it is what they cannot help, and has been the lot of the best, even of our Master himself. Matt. 1:1-17

Those who take care to keep a good conscience may cheerfully trust God with the keeping of their good names, and have reason to hope that he will clear up, not only their integrity, but their honour, as the sun at noon day. Prov 22:1

It becomes us, in many cases, to be gentle towards those that come under suspicion of having offended, to hope the best concerning them, and make the best of that which at first appears bad, in hopes that it may prove better. 1 Cor. 13:7

The necessary censures of those who have offended ought to be managed without noise. The words of the wise are heard in quiet. Christ himself shall not strive nor cry. Christian love and Christian prudence will hide a multitude of sins, and great ones, as far as may be done without having fellowship with them. Prov. 10:12

Smite the scorner, and the simple will beware. Prov. 21:11