12 Signs You Love Christ

They that love Christ,

1. Love to think of Him.

2. They love to hear of Him.

3. They love to read of Him.

4. They love to speak of Him, for Him, and to Him.

5. They love the presence of Christ.

6. They love the yoke of Christ.

7. They love the ministers of Christ.

8. They love the name of Christ.

9. They hate sin.

10. They are pleased when Christ is pleased.

11. They are grieved when Christ is grieved.

12. They long to be with Christ.

Christ’s will is their will; Christ’s dishonor is their affliction; Christ’s cause is their care; Christ’s ministers are their stars; Christ’s saints are their companions; Christ’s day is their delight; Christ’s word is their oracle; Christ’s glory is their end.

– John Mason