Would You Live Comfortably? Take These Directions.

My friends would you live comfortably, take these directions:

1. Live not so much upon the comforts of God, as upon the God of comforts. Be afraid of unbelief; that is a great sin. Do not greaten your sins above God’s saving power. Believe in the word firmly and constantly. Trust perfectly to the grace and mercy of God in Christ: “I will trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.” Psalm 52:8.

2. Beware of sin, especially of willful sin; that will bring a cloud, and make a breach between God and your soul.

3. Do not mind earthly things. O take heed of unlawful affections – of an unlawful carriage of the heart about lawful things.

4. Examine the ways of your heart daily, search yourselves. What sin have I committed today – what duty have I omitted today? Every night look back upon the thoughts and affections and conversations of the day past. Confess your failings over the head of the scape-goat. This is another necessary means to keep your peace with God, and walk comfortably before him: and I pray you observe it.

5. Examine your heart heart further, and consider the gracious acting’s and workings of God’s blessed Spirit within you: what good thoughts, what good desires, aims, resolutions, God has put in you. Consider what outgoings of your heart after God there has been – what incomes and influences of his grace. Daily examine your hearts for these things, and give God the glory of all his gracious workings of his Spirit in your soul.

6. If you would walk comfortably with God, mind not what is forged, but what is written. Heed not every fancy the devil may dart into you, for then you lie at the mercy of your enemy; but keep close to the written word of God. “Thus it is written,” said our Saviour to Satan the tempter. So much for comfortably walking.

– John Mason