9 Signs Of True Grace

1. When self-loving is turned into self-loathing, self-excusing into self-condemning, self-admiring into self-a boring, self seeking into self denying.

2. It is a sign of true grace, when a man seriously complains of want of grace. A graceless person cannot truly complain that he has no grace. There is grace in that complaint.

3. When the heart is tender, and feels the power of an ordinance.

4. When the souls has an appetite after the word. 1 Peter 2:2

5. When a man makes conscience of secret prayer.

6. When we are taken with the conversation and manner of life of those who are spiritual. Zech. 8:23

7. When we are willing to be acquainted with Christ, and reconciled to God, upon any terms.

8. When a man approves of all duties.

9. When he desires more grace. There is grace in the desire of grace, and there is sin in the desire of sin. Neh. 1:11, Psalm 84:5

– John Mason