Jack’s Breakfast

Jack’s mother was a poor widow, who was trying hard to support herself and her little boy by sewing. But she had been sick for some days, and unable to work. Her money was all gone, and there was not morsel of food of any kind in the house. She did not mind so much for herself; but, ‘Poor, dear Jack, what will become of you?’ she asked, as the big tears rolled down her cheeks. “The Bible says, The Lord will provide,” said Jack. He was his mother’s little comforter ; and the words he had just spoken went to her heart, like a beam of sunshine.

‘Are you sure, Jack, the Bible says so?’, she asked, as she lifted the child to her lap.

‘Yes, I’m sure,’ said Jack. ‘ It’s in the hymn I learned in Sunday school. Let me tell you one of the verses :-

“In some way or other the Lord will provide;
It may not be my way,
It may not be thy way,
But yet in His own way
The Lord will provide.”

There, now, it’s true, momma. God will give us something to eat. I have asked Him, and I know He will.’

It was dark and cheerless, in that little garret room, asJack and his mother went to bed without any supper. But Jack’s words had put new faith into his mother’s heart; and when Jack asked her, before falling asleep, ‘Mamma, do you think God will send us some bread in time for breakfast in the morning?’ her cheerful answer was, ‘I think He will.’

Early the next morning, the sun was shining through the attic window of their little room; but it was a knock at the door that first awakened Jack. Eagerly the hungry child watched, as his mother opened the door.

A neighbor was there, with a large plate of rolls. ‘I baked more than enough for myself, Mrs. Jones,’ she said, ‘so I thought you and Jack might like them.’

Between her sobs and tears, the mother told the story of their hunger, and of Jack’s prayer. ‘Why, it’s better than we asked for,’ said Jack. ‘ I only asked for bread, and God has sent us beautiful warm rolls instead.’

Jack and his mother would never forget this precious promise–‘ The Lord will provide.’

How many of God’s suffering children have been comforted by this promise!

– Richard Newton