Habits Of A Business Man

The following are habits every business owner, manager, and leader should take note of and try to make their own where they lack:

A sacred regard to the principles of justice forms the basis of every transaction, and regulates the conduct of the upright man of business.

He is strict in keeping his engagements; does nothing carelessly, or in a hurry; employs nobody to do what he can as easily do himself; keeps everything in its proper place; leaves nothing undone which ought to be done, and which circumstances permitted him to do; keeps his designs and business from the view of others; is prompt and decisive with his customers, and does not overtrade for his capital; prefers short credits to long ones, and cash to credit transactions, at all times when they can be advantageously made, either in buying or selling, and small profits with little risk, to the chance of better gains with more hazard.

He is clear and explicit in all his bargains; leaves
nothing to the memory which he can and ought to commit to writing; keeps copies of all important letters which he sends away; and has every letter, invoice, &c., belonging to his business, titled, classed, and put away.

He never suffers his desk to be confused by many papers lying upon it; is always at the head of his business, well knowing that if he leaves it, it will leave him; holds it as a maxim, that he whose credit is suspected is not safe to be trusted, and is constantly examining his books, and sees through all his affairs as far as care and attention enable him; balances regularly at stated times, and then makes out and transmits all his accounts current to his customers and constitute eats, both at home and abroad; avoids, as much as possible, all sorts of accommodations in money matters and suits, where there is the least hazard; is economical in his expenditures, always living within his income; keeps memorandum-book with a pencil in bis pocket, in which he notes every little particular relative to appointments, addresses, and petty cash matters; is cautious how he becomes security for any person, and is generous only when urged by motives of humanity.

– Unknown