Copying A Blot

“Mother,” asked a little boy, who was looking round for a good example, ” which, of all the older boys I know, would you like for me to pattern after?”

“Which should you think?” asked his mother. “You know the boys better than I do.”The little fellow thought awhile.

Then he said : “Well,there’s Dan Park, he’s a good fellow, but he smokes; there’s Bill Jones, he swears; Sam Jay, he drinks; Bill Parker, he has an ugly temper; Jim Wood, he’s lazy, and hates study; Charley Doe, he goes a-fishing on Sunday; and Tom Smith, he tells lies. Mother, there isn’t one of them, that if I copy, I shouldn’t have to copy a blot (imperfection) from.”

“Then, my dear,” said his mother, “suppose you let them all go and take the Blessed Saviour for your pattern. He came on purpose, as the apostle says, to ‘ leave us an example that we should follow his steps.’ And we can do this with entire safety. In Him you will find a perfect example. And there are no blots to copy here.”

1 Peter 2:21

– Richard Newton