A Christian in Little Things

A boy, named Willie, was about twelve years old. One winter there was a good deal of religious interest in the Church which he attended. Willie
had been trying to be a Christian for some time. The season for Confirmation in that Church was approaching, and he expressed an earnest desire to be confirmed, and join the Church. He was rather young to take such an important step. His parents were earnest Christians. They felt sure that Willie understood this matter, and that he was trying, with all his heart, to be a Christian, and they consented to his being confirmed.

This solemn step was taken, and the next Sunday he went forward to the holy Communion for the first time.That was the happiest day Willie had ever spent. And yet, in the midst of his happiness, he felt that he had taken solemn vows upon himself, and that he would need the help of God, to enable him to keep those vows. In the prayer which he offered, before going to bed that night, Willie showed how earnest his desire was to be a true Christian. He did not know that his mother was near him then; but she was, and she heard him offer this prayer : O God, make me a Christian in the little things.” He meant by this, that he wanted God to help him to be a Christian, not only on Sunday, and at church, but on weekdays too, at home, at school, and at play. Wherever he was, and whatever he was doing, he wished to keep the example of Jesus before him, and to be
asking himself the question – How would Jesus have me feel? and what would Jesus have me say, and do? And, like this dear boy, we must try to be Christians in little things, if we hope to be true Christians.

– Richard Newton