A Christian All Over

A young man had situation as clerk in a merchandise house, in one of our large cities. In writing home to his mother one day he said : ” I have been connected in business at different times, with a number of merchants, all of them
members of Christian Churches; but, I must say, that Mr. Johnson, with whom I am now employed, is the best of them all, in the way in which he governs himself by his religion, in all his business affairs. I take great pleasure in watching how faithfully he does this. I must say of him that he is a Christian all over.”It was a great honor to this good merchant, that one of his clerks should feel obliged to speak thus of him. Now let us remember this illustration; and let us all try to follow the example which Jesus
sets us, in such a way that we may be Christians all over.

– Richard Newton

As a business leader I asked myself would my employees say the same about me? It is a tough question to ask! What about you?