If You Follow These 9 Precepts, Nothing Can Hinder Your Success In Business.

1. In the First place, make up your mind to accomplish whatever you undertake; decide upon some particular employment and persevere in it.

2. All difficulties are overcome by diligence and
assiduity. Be not afraid to work with your own hands, and diligently too. “A cat in gloves catches no mice.”

3. Attend to your own business, and never trust it to another. “A pot that belongs to many is ill stirred and worse boiled.”

4. Be frugal. “That which will not make a pot will make a pot lid.”

5. Be abstemious. “Who dainties love shall beggars prove.”

6. Rise early. “The sleeping fox catches no poultry.”

7. Treat every one with respect and civility, “Everything is gained and nothing lost by
courtesy.” Good manners insure success.

8. Never anticipate wealth from any other source than labor. “He who waits for dead men’s shoes may have to go for a long time barefoot.”

9. And, above all things, “nil desperandum,” for “Heaven helps those who help themselves.”

If you implicitly follow these precepts, nothing can hinder you from accumulating.

– Unknown