Bless and Curse Not

A little girl about seven years old was trying to be a Christian, and walk with God. She used
to commit a verse of Scripture to memory every morning, and come and repeat it to her mother before she went to school. Her father was a very wicked man. One morning he was swearing dreadfully, at his wife, when little Sallie came in, and said, Mamma, I know my text. Please let
me say it, and go to school.”

“What is the text, my dear?” said the mother, wishing to keep the child from hearing the terrible oaths from her father.

“Bless, and curse not,” were the words of the text. As she spoke them she put up her little rosy lips to her father for a kiss.

The tears came into his eyes as the little darling turned away from him. But he could not forget the words he had heard. Wherever he went “Bless, and curse not” rang in his ears. He became a changed man. Words of cursing
were no longer heard from his lips. That little girl was trying to walk with God, and we see how useful her walk was.

– Richard Newton