A Millionaires’ Rules For Life & Success In Business

MR. JOHN McDONOGH, the millionaire of New Orleans, has engraved upon his tomb a series of maxims, which he had prescribed as the rules for his guidance through life, and to which his success in business is mainly attributable. These rules would undoubtedly secure riches and honor; and as a whole are worthy of being accepted:

“Remember always that labor is one of the conditions of our existence.”

“Time is gold; throw not one minute away, but place each one to account.”

“Do unto all men as you would be done by.”

“Never put off till to-morrow what you can do to-day.

“Never bid another to do what you can do yourself.”

“Never covet what is not your own.”

“Never think any matter so trifling as not to deserve notice.”

“Never give out that which does not first come in.”

“Never spend but to produce.”

“Let the greatest order regulate the transactions of your life.”

“Study in your course of life to do the greatest amount of good.”

“Deprive yourself of nothing necessary to your comfort, but live in an honorable simplicity and frugality.”

“Labor, then, to the last moment of your existence.”

“Pursue strictly the above rules, and the Divine blessing and riches of every kind will flow upon you to your heart’s content; but, first of all, remember that the chief and great study of our life should be to tend, by all means in our power, to the honor and glory of our Divine Creator. The conclusion to which I have arrived is, that, without temperance, there is no health; without virtue, no order; without religion, no happiness; and that the aim of our being is to live wisely, soberly, and righteously.”

– Unknown