Living Alone

I visited a poor old woman belonging to my congregation,” said a minister. ” She was entirely dependent on the church for her support. Her home was a very small cottage. The moment I entered it I saw how neat and clean everything was. She had just been gathering
some sticks from the lane, with which to cook her evening meal. Her face was one of the sweetest I ever saw. It was surrounded by the strings of her snow-white cap. On the table lay a well-worn copy of the Word of God. I looked around for a daughter or friend to be her companion, and caretaker, but saw none. I said, “Mother Ansel, you don’t live here alone, do you ?”

“Live alone! Live alone!” she exclaimed in surprise, and then, as a sweet smile lighted up her face, she added, “No, sir, the blessed Lord lives with me, and that makes it pleasant living!”

Certainly she found walking with God a pleasant walk.

– Richard Newton