The Best Sunshine

A Christian lady was visiting among the poor one day. She called, among others, on a little sick girl. Her home was a dreary-looking one. The room she occupied was on the north side of the house. There was nothing bright or pleasant about it. Everything looked dark and cheerless.

“I am sorry you have no sun on this side of the house,” said the lady. “Not a ray of sunshine gets in here. This is a misfortune, for sunshine is everything.”

“Oh, ma’am you are mistaken, said the sick girl, as a sweet smile lighted up her pale face. “My sun pours in at every window, and through all the cracks.”

But how can the sun get round on this side of the house?” asked the visitor.

“It is Jesus, ‘the Sun of Righteousness,’ that shines in here,” was the reply, ” and He makes the best sunshine.”

That sick girl found walking with God a pleasant walk.