Two Strings

An infidel was one day laughing at a plain farmer because he believed the Bible. The farmer surprised him by saying, “Well, you see we plain country people like to have two strings to our bow.”

“And pray what do you mean by that ?” asked the infidel.

“Only this,” was the farmer’s answer, “that believing the Bible, and acting up to it, is like having two strings to one’s bow; for, if the Bible is not true, still I shall be a better and happier man for living according to its teachings, and so it will be profitable for me in this life; this is one string to my bow, and a good one, too. And, if the
Bible should prove true, . . as I know it will, it will be profitable for me in the next world, and that is another string, and a pretty strong one, too. But, sir, if you do not believe the Bible, and do not live as it requires, you have no string to your bow in this world. And, oh, sir ! if the tremendous threatenings of the Bible prove true, – as they surely will – you will have no string to your bow for the next world and what will become of you then?”

This shows us that walking with God is profitable walking.

– Richard Newton