We Have God Too

Some time ago, a young minister took charge of a small church in a country town in the State of New York.

On going round to visit the members of his congregation he was asked to call and see an aged widow woman who was a member of the church. She was both poor and blind. On stopping at the door of her humble cottage one day, he heard some one speaking within in a low voice. He found it was the voice of prayer. He waited till the prayer was ended. Then he went in, and made himself known to the blind widow. ”How are you, my good friend?” was his first inquiry.

With tears of gratitude streaming from her blind eyes, she said, “Thank God, I am very well.” After talking with her for some time, he asked if there
was anything he could do for her. She said if he could send her a loaf of bread she would feel very much obliged to him, for she added, ” We have not had a morsel of solid food in the house for three days.”

“Why, my friend,” asked the astonished minister, “how is it that you are alive?”

“God is very good to the poor,” she said. “The woods are full of huckleberries, and my two little grandchildren gather them. Our cow gives us milk : so we have milk and huckleberries; and we have God too.”

This was beautiful. “We have God too!” No matter how little of this world’s goods we have if we can only say, “we have God too;” we are better off than if we had thousands of gold and silver without Him. This was what the good poet Cowper meant, when he looked up to God and said :

“Give what Thou canst; without Thee we are poor, And with Thee rich; take what Thou wilt away.”

– Richard Newton