The Shovel and the Snow-Drift

Thus did Noah: according to all that God commanded him, so did he. -Genesis. 6:22

After a great snow-storm, a little fellow, about seven or eight years old, was trying to make a path through a large snowbank, which had drifted before his grandmother’s door. A gentleman, who was passing by, was struck with the earnestness with which he was doing his work. He stopped to look at him for a moment, and then said: “My little man, how do you ever expect to get through that great snow-bank?” In a cheerful tone, and without stopping at all in his work, the little fellow’s reply was : “By keeping at it, sir. That’s how.” “By keeping at it,” Noah was able to get through with the great work he had to do. And it is only — “By keeping at it,” that we can expect to succeed in any good work in which we may be engaged. – Richard Newton