This, Being Hid In The Heart, Will Preserve From Sin.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11

Scripture-arguments are the most powerful arguments to repel temptation with. Christ himself resisted Satan’s temptations with, It is written, Matthew 4:4,6,7,10. This, being hid in the heart, will preserve from sin (Psalms 119:11), and will mortify and kill those lusts and corruptions that are latent there. (Samuel Rosewell).

If a person commits to memory one new verse each day, beginning at three years of age, at seventy he will have learned almost 25,000 verses, that is, all the verses in the Bible suitable for memorising, there being 31,173 verses in all. Many families have begun this ” verse-a-day ” system, by repeating one verse a piece at the breakfast table each morning (or dinner table each evening). The little volumes…with a verse for each day are helpful in this plan, each person having a different book each year, and each member of the family a different one at the same time. (W.F. Crafts)

Note: If your are past the age of three as most of us are – here is a breakdown of how many verses one could memorize using the daily method.

Based on your current age – until the age of seventy:

Age 3 to 70 – 24455 Verses
Age 13 to 70 – 20805
Age 23 to 70 – 17155
Age 33 to 70 – 13505
Age 43 to 70 – 9855
Age 53 to 70 – 6205
Age 63 to 70 – 2555

As you can see, no matter what your current age, you can still have the word dwell richly in you whether you are 33 or 63 etc. Start today. BN

Note: Our Daily Text featured here at is a great option in providing you with a verse a day for memorization. Along side each verse is a comment or observation that will be helpful in not only memorizing the verse but in using it throughout your day. BN.

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