7 Blessings Of Memorizing Scripture

Passages of Scripture stored away in the memory and heart… bring great blessing. They will come up to us when we need them, both in our personal life and in our work.

1) They will keep us from sin. Psalm 119:11

I have not contented myself with bare hearing or reading thy word, but have received it in the love of it, have diligently pondered it, and laid it up in my mind and memory like a choice treasure, to be ready upon all occasions, to counsel, or comfort, or quicken, or caution me, as need requires; that by a diligent and affectionate consideration of thy precepts, and promises, and threatenings, I might be kept from sinful courses, against which these are the best antidote. – Matthew Poole

The antidote of souls. God’s “Word” contains the power, and the only power, to destroy sin. – Homilist.

2) They will keep us from false doctrine. Acts 20:29,30,31,32; 2 Tim. 3:13-15

3) They will fill our hearts with joy. Jeremiah 15:16

4) They will be fill us with peace. Psalm 85:8

5) They will give us victory over Satan. 1 John 2:14

6) They will give us effective prayer. John 15:7

And what can we desire more than to have what we will for the asking? Note, Those that abide in Christ as their heart’s delight shall have, through Christ, their heart’s desire. If we have Christ, we shall want nothing that is good for us. Two things are implied in this promise:–First, That if we abide in Christ, and his word in us, we shall not ask any thing but what is proper to be done for us. The promises abiding in us lie ready to be turned into prayers; and the prayers so regulated cannot but speed. Secondly, That if we abide in Christ and his word we shall have such an interest in God’s favour and Christ’s mediation that we shall have an answer of peace to all our prayers. – Matthew Henry

7) They will furnish us completely for the work that God gives us to do. 2 Tim. 3:16-17

– R.A. Torrey