God To Be Consulted In All Our Undertakings

It is said of Scipio Africanus, that it was his custom before the break of day, to go into the capitol, in cellam Jovis, and there to stay a great while, as if he were advising with his god, concerning the good of the commonwealth. But the example of David may stand for all*, who, in all his straits and in all his undertakings, went to ask counsel of the Lord of heaven and earth.
Thus it is, that the children of God are to consult with God, to overrule all their solemn actions, and to preface all great consultations for the common good, with some such religious acts as shall best conduce to the glory of God, making their Creator, who is the Alpha and Omega of all creatures, the beginning and ending of all their actions.

Author Unknown

*Psalm 119