John Piper, once said, “Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.” I more often than not find that statement to be true in my time reading. I usually walk away from a book with a few short sentences, paragraphs, or selections that make an impression and stick with me.

I’ve often wished for a way to collect, and categorize all great quotes and selections that I’ve highlighted or underlined within the oils I’ve read. This site contains just that from my personal readings – all in one place readily accessible for use or review.

The type of books I read are both biblical and practical in content. The content I post here is sourced purely from the old biblical writers (1500’s to the early 1900’s). I don’t just read the old writers so I can post them here with out copyright infringing, or because I don’t like modern authors (I do – I quoted above John Piper / I also love John MacArthur) – I genuinely love the old writers and am inclined to learn from them over the modern. The truth is, very few modern authors/preachers say it like the old writers/preachers. I think you’ll agree as you browse about the site and read some of these “dead guys” as I lovingly call them.

“There is a richness and fullness of divine truth in the old writers, which, with all their antiquated style — the modern writers lack. And oh! their devotion — their communion with God — their sustained and elevated piety! This is what we lack — this is our deficiency!”

John Angell James, 1856

I originally intended this to be a private collection for my personal use, but afterwards I thought it may be useful as well to others along the way – being mainly selections from practical readings – not just on Sunday’s, but Thursday’s as well – and so it is my prayer that the content found here will be a sort of mini Christian Directory, and much assistance to Pastors, counselors, families, and individuals in the everyday of life.

I’ve subjoined Scriptures to many selections either when the author did not supply some or when a Scripture was brought to mind when reading – whether the Scriptures I’ve added are the most pertinent, I can not say, perhaps some others may think of others more so.

All content is categorized, and topically arranged for ease of access and reference anytime. Enjoy!

Bryan & Kesia

My name is Bryan Niland. I am a Christian, a husband to Kesia, and a father of two with another little one on the way! We worship and serve at Grace Community Church in Jacksonville, Fl. I am a General Manager, avid reader of biblical authors from the early 1900s or earlier, and founder of Niland Press.