Niland Press

At Niland Press we curate and publish Biblical resources sourced only from old writers (deadguys).  Our resources are curated for Pastors, counselors, heads of families, and individuals. Our publications are handmade booklets that are derived from the larger works of deadguy books – published into short, plain, striking, entertaining, instructive, practical, yet distinctly Biblical booklets. Each booklet is designed to be pocket size, read in your free time, given away to friends and family, used in Biblical counseling settings, and more.

Our Current Publications:

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Counsels of the Aged to the Young. This booklet is derived from Archibald Alexander’s greater work, “Religious Experience”. In this booklet, Alexander offers 20 timeless biblical counsels to the young. However, all ages can benefit.


Hannah as a Mother. This 5 page booklet is derived from one of J.R. Miller’s larger works. This booklet features encouragement in Biblical Motherhood, and offers practical helps therein. This is a quick yet impactful read for moms of all ages. Read time: 9-12 Minutes.


Reading the Scriptures. This 10 page booklet, derived from one of John Angell James’ larger works provides 8 key helps for your Bible Study/Reading. It’s a quick read at 25-31 minutes, yet jam packed with some great helps!


Advice to Young Tradesmen. This 18 page booklet is derived from the larger works of Gorham Abbott in 1833. Abbot writes, “It is often the case, that when a young man first sets up a business, he needs advice.” This is true for people of all ages. This booklet is packed with practical and biblical advice to all ages for success at work.