Sola Scriptura

John Newton wrote something worth sharing. I hope it helps bring balance, and a proper perspective when it comes to reading Scripture, and reading men like those you find in this site.

Newton writes, “An awakened mind which thirsts after the Savior, and seeks wisdom by reading and praying over the Scripture, has little occasion for a library of human writings. The Bible is the fountain from whence every stream that deserves our notice is drawn; and, though we may occasionally pay some attention to the streams—we have personally an equal right with others to apply immediately to the fountain-head, and draw the water of life for ourselves! The purest streams are not wholly freed from the tinge of the soil through which they run; a mixture of human infirmity is inseparable from the best human composition. But in the fountain—the truth is unmixed!

Again, men teach us by many words; and if they would give us their full views of the subject, require us to read a whole volume, the life and substance of which is perhaps expressed with greater force and greater advantage in the Scripture by a single sentencewhich is rather diluted than explained, by our feeble expositions. A volume may be easily written upon the grace of humility, and to show the evil and folly of a self-seeking spirit. But if the author should introduce this subject with our Savior’s words, “The Son of Man came not into the world to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many;” whoever was duly impressed with that short introduction, would have no great occasion to read the rest of the book!”

You will find a lot of words here in this site. I make careful choices of the authors and content published here – aiming to ensure what is curated and published is both biblical, and practical in content. It is fair to say about any of the authors published here, that no one says it quite like these old writers any more. “There is a richness and fullness of divine truth in the old writers, which, with all their antiquated style — the modern writers lack.” J.A. James

Even still – Scripture is where I would point you first – as it is gold. The most godly and gifted authors are but silver or bronze at best. Baxter said, “Make careful choice of the books which you read: let the holy Scriptures ever have the pre-eminence. Let Scripture be first and most in your hearts and hands and other books be used as subservient to it.” I couldn’t agree more.